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​   ​Oct  6 - 14th 2018

Evan Kassof
Evan Kassof Composer, Conductor
A composer who strives for intellectual intergrity and emotional potency, Evan Kassof's works often draw on scientific discoveries but with a Wagnerian sense of grandeur. Drawing influences from the soundworlds of Xenakis and Ligeti, Evan continues to write large scales works such as opera (Memoirs of Transformation) and orchestral works. His chamber works have managed to keep every ounce of intensity and his songs highlight his emotive powers.
Kristina Arakelyan  Composer
Our youngest associated composer, Kristina Arakelyan is an award winning composer has an already flourishing  career. Currently studying in the Royal Academy of Music, Kristina has worked with some of Britain's leading ensembles, including BBC Singers. Her music focuses on a clarity of idea and features beautiful flowing melodies. She will be featured in our Yerevan events.
Ben Lunn Composer
His music has been described as 'Evocative' - Buzz Magazine, 'Restrained Otherworldliness' - P.G. MusicWeb International 'Chilling' - Theatre Wales or 'produces...glorious roaring sounds' and 'desolate monotone'. He has also been referred to as a 'Composer of life music' - M.K.
His music, as he continues to develop, is more and more retrospective often drawing more influence from the ancient. Despite being so reflective of tradition, his work always remains of the time. His contradictory influences from Buddhism and Bataille, Perotin and Radulescu, Part and Harvey continue to hold him on the precipice of the now and the past.
Van Sarkissian
Van Sarkissian Guitarist, Composer
Van Sarkissian is one of the most inventive and artistic guitarists and composer from his generation. Having been awarded a full scholarship from the Manoukian foundation in 2010, Van Sarkissian began his studies at the Royal Academy of Music, which was a turning point for his professional career.  Since then he has been involved in a variety of different collaborations and concert opportunities, which have included performances of his own works and some of his arrangements for guitar and chamber music. His undertaking of composition lessons has led him to becoming established as a composer in addition to being a performer.
Justina Repečkaitė  Composer
The music of Justina Repečkaitė has many similarities to a diamond. With its hard unforgiving shape and geometric perfection, it creates a profound and striking beauty, which singles her out from many composers of her generation. The composer’s work is highly modernistic giving almost nothing away to the listener, but in its boldness drags the audience along with her. 
Andrew Crossley
Andrew Crossley  Composer
Andrew Crossley is rare beautiful combination of spiritually inspiration and compositional integrity. His works often draw influence from Zen/Tibetan philosophy as well as drawing on the music and aesthetics of John Cage and Jonathan Harvey. His work with electronics have produced some of his most potent and evocative works.  He is currently resident of Mexican Centre for Music and Sound Art (CMMAS) and the University of Huddersfield to write a new electroacoustic piece for performance at the 2016 Visiones Sonoras Festival and the 2016 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.
Aleksandr G. Brusentsev  Composer
Aleksandr Brusentsev is a composer who creates ‘brilliantly conceived and realised’ (Simon Bainbridge) music that embodies the joys, complexities, and contradictions of a 21st-century life in transition. His idiosyncratic compositions have been performed and lauded in the US and across the UK by both artists and audiences alike.
More committed to saying it right than to simply saying it, Brusentsev approaches each composition as multi-layered musical world, one that invites and engages as much as it challenges and provokes one to listen not as a spectator but as a participant—regardless of musical background, allowing the music to serve as a catalyst for questioning, reflection, and, most importantly, empathy.
Elischa Kaminer  Composer
Elischa Kaminer (*1991) is an award-winning director and composer of chamber, orchestral and electronic music based in London and Frankfurt.
In 2010 Elischa was awarded a scholarship to study composition at the Royal Academy of Music with David Sawer and graduated with a First Class Honours. He commenced his studies in 2014 at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen under the direction of Heiner Goebbels. Next to his work as a composer for film, theatre and the concert hall, Elischa has devised stage works, live art and installations that culminated in performances at Spitalfield’s Music Festival, Akademie der Künste Vienna, KORZO Theatre, The Hague and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London.
Maja Palaser  Composer
Maja graduated with a first class honours degree in composition from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff in 2011, where she had studied composition under tutor Peter Reynolds. Her particular interest lies in creating atmospheric sound worlds drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical styles, topics and subjects, as well as experimenting with extended instrumental techniques. Maja's musical background was shaped strongly through her parents who brought her up on a diet of Jazz, Blues and 1960s/ 70s Rock, her father being himself a Jazz musician.
Apart from music, Maja enjoys art and acting and completed a foundation degree in fine art before deciding to study for a degree in music.
Bofan Ma Composer
Since the initial point of his study in piano playing at his 4 years old, Bofan has received a coherent formal music education at both Music Elementary and Secondary School Affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory of Music (SMMS), worked with two famous Chinese composers/pianists: Weihao Qiang and Jianzhong Wang. In 2011, Bofan moved to the UK and is currently studying his third year undergraduate of composition at Royal Academy of Music with support from both the Academy and Ismena Holland Prize Foundation, supervised by Mr Paul Patterson. 
Andrey Rubtsov Composer, Conductor
Andrey Rubtsov is currently an assistant to Donald Runnicles at BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and a 2014 Leverhulme Conducting Fellow at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
His pieces have been performed in more than 50 countries from Malaysia to Bermuda and published in USA. He composed a chamber ballet for the Bolshoi Theatre project and his woodwind quintet has become a standard repertoire piece for already more than 35 quintets all over the world including the Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet.
Andrey enjoyed numerous commissions from the Russian State Chamber Orchestra and the Russian National Orchestra. Upcoming events include his Oboe Concerto as a compulsory piece for the Moscow Conservatoire International Music Competition Final in November 2015 and Violin Concerto premiere in February 2016 in 9 German cities with Julia Fischer and Academy of St Martin in the Fields.
Yiran Zhao Composer
Yiran Zhao (*1988 in QingDao, PRC) lives and studies in Basel. She studied composition with Professors Zhang Lida and Jia Guoping in Beijing, as well as with Professors Caspar Johannes Walter Michael Reudenbach, and Erik Oña; she also studied computer music withOliver Frick and organ with Jörg-Hannes Hahn. She was awarded many prizes and fellowships, such as the composition prize from Ensemble Recherche in 2008, 1st Prize from the "Con Tempo" composition competition in 2009, the National Fellowship of the People's Republic of China in 2010, and the Deutschlandstipendium in 2013/14. She has worked with many artists, groups and festivals in Europe, Asia and Americe, such as the "211 Kammermusik Program", Garage Ensemble, the "AXES" Triduum in Krakow, with Ensemble Echtzeit, the Philharmonia Choir in Stuttgart, the Donaueschingen Musiktage "Next Generation" Off-Program, with Sinogerman Sounds, the pourChœur Vocal Ensemble, Iktus Percussion, Rosa Rosae Rosam, Ensemble Phoenix Basel, Ensemble Klang Büro, Black Forest Percussion Group, Ensemble Hörwerk, ZEIT RÄUME - Basel Biennale für neue Musik und Architektur, and numerous others. She was assistant at the Studio for New Musik at the State Conservatory for Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart. Her work incorporates various modes of expression: integrating purely musical elements, lighting, visual art, and othermedia.
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Sam Grigorian  Fine Artist
The urge to constantly see something new and make something visible what one would otherwise only feel, is the thing that drives me to make art.  Sam Grigorian’s art includes a wide range of large-and small-scale works on paper, collages and décollages. The artist works with various types of old paper (music paper, found objects ...), thus pointing back to the partially-buried history of cultural development, with significant roots in Armenia and refers to it. In an individually developed technical method he gives the layers in different papers, but also the other "objets-trouvé" materials their own importance and symbolic depths.
His creative way of working is minimal and reduced to geometric principles of order and makes the integration into the abstractions of the presence of both the associated loss, and the gain significantly, with a specific repertoire of forms and restrained colors. Klaus Zeller, Photographer
Arthur Sarkissian  Fine Artist
“The mediated photographic imagery Sarkissian appropriates, after all, is no less imbued with his passion than are his vigorous, often volcanic passages of the abstract brushwork. It is the passion of Sarkissian’s curiosity, his embrace of the world that prompts him to introduce photographic imagery into his paintings… We even see its textures and practices, as well as philosophical positions, reflected in the work of such disparate predecessors as Warhol, Cornell, Miro, Malevich, and, of course Picasso. Among other things, Sarkissian demonstrates that the “collage aesthetic” – the simultaneously disjunctive and conjunctive qualities that uniquely define modern composition – remains one of the most significant and enduring legacies of 20th century art.” -Peter Frank, Los Angeles, June 2006. 
Garik Karapetyan  Fine Artist
Was born in 1973 in Armenia. Lives and works in UK, Armenia and France.
Artists Satatement: Speedy development and adaptation of new technologies allows art to take on many various new forms; art allows science to tackle the issues it faces in new and creative ways. Art has also been seen to benefit from applying formulae and scientific methods to the creation process, the science helping many to understand how art and the empirical world can relate to each other. Art creates an irrational space where the human being initially experiences an emotional reaction. If it is possible to somehow quantify these emotional reactions through understanding formulaically precise art, then we are able to better understand our emotional selves. The absolute is impossible to describe, but it is possible to create an image of it. Consequently, if the symbol can be interpreted then the image and the space of the artwork in question can only be felt. It is a closed system of inwardly complete infinite spheres, which is manifested in the artwork by revelation, once and forever. Each piece of my work has a unique name, which reflects the unexpected nature of its creation. The ''name-code'', consisting of numbers and letters, reconfirms the fact that each piece is a unique entity.
Diana Hakobyan  Fine Artist
Was born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1974. Hakobyan studied at the Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 1996. “The Presence of the Other” is the title of her 2004 one-person exhibition held at the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art in Yerevan . Among the numerous group exhibitions in which Hakobyan’s work has been presented within Armenia and Europe are “Beyond Icons” held at the National Museum of Armenia, Yerevan (2001); the 50th Venice Biennale (2005); “Armenie Mon Amie,” Modern Art Museum, Lyon, France (2007); and “Transitland: Video Art from Central and Eastern Europe, 1989-2009,” held at InterSpace Association in Sofia, Bulgaria (2009). Hakobyan currently lives and works in Yerevan .
Gagik Babayan  Fine Artist

2007   Gruppenausstellung  in  der  Kunstverein  “Ankäufe  der  Stadt  Heidelberg”.
2010   Gruppenausstellung  “La  Francophonie”Art  Galerie  Leo 52 ,Eriwan .
2011    Ausstellung  “ Formen in Gespräch”  Kurpfalz-Zentrum  Leimen.
2012    Ausstellung  “Gzel”  Treff am Turm, Heidelberg.
2012    Ausstellung  “Zwiegespräch” ,Kurpfalz-Zentrum, Leimen.
2013    Teilnahme  an  5  Künstler  Messe  B.- Württemberg , Stuttgart .
Yevgine Martirosyan  Fine Artist
1967- Born in Yerevan, Armenia
1986-Graduated from Yerevan P.terlemezian College of Fine Arts
1993-Graduated from Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts
Solo exhibitions
2013-“Joie De Vivre”,Dalan Art Gallery,Yerevan,Armenia
2009-“To See Is To Feel With Your Eyes” Armenian Center For Contemporary Experimental Art,ACCEA,Yerevan,Armenia
2004-   Exhibition “Love” Artbridge, Yerevan, Armenia
1999  -Exhibition “ HI ART “Gallery, Yerevan , Armenia     
Selected Group Exhibitions
2014-Tufenkian Fine Arts,World Wide Art Show LA ,Convention Center
2014-“Where I Lay My head Is home”, Armenian Center For Contemporary Experimental Art,NPAK
2013-Contemporary Armenian Artists,63-rd Annual ASA New York Exhibition,Denise Bibro Fine Art,
2012-9artist +20years ,Armenian Center For Contemporary Experimental Art
Vahe Berberian  Fine Artist

1955. It starts with the streets, smells and sounds of Beirut, Lebanon. In beginnings, reactions are instinctive and purity is not compromised. Vahé Berberian, an Armenian painter, author, playwright, director and actor, is able to hold on to that instinct and purity through all his journeys, becoming the phenomena known as Vahé
Different settings and realities chisel, break down, blend and mold an identity. This identity is innately about combinations. The urgency to combine is what predominately resonates in all his work. His stand up comedies recognize absurdity and embrace laughter. His plays unfold absurdity and validate coexistence. His novels magnify absurdity and blur the lines between reality and fantasy. His paintings are the absurd.
This process has lent itself to over 65 solo and group exhibitions, four one man shows, two published novels, and over a dozen plays written and directed by Vahe, worldwide.
Nana Aramyan  Fine Artist
Nana's art of recent years is highly saturated by SURREAL attitude mixed with her fascination by GOTHIC spirit and focused on visualization of DARK & MYSTERIOUS Dreams. Provocative, EROTIC allusions, sensual, accentuated color approaches are indispensable methods of expression in Nana's paintings. Little witches, cupboards, bats, reptiles, semi-cybernetic creatures and insects that reveal surprising contents, confident women or skeletons with a rich history are her favorite characters.  1993 graduated from P. Terlemezian College of Art, and in 1999 graduated from the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts of Yerevan.

Sonia Balassanian  Fine Artist
She received Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Joint Program of the University of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 1970, and Master of Fine Arts degree from Pratt Institute in 1978. She is also an alumnus of the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program. She has taught art at the Institute of Fine Arts of Tehran and National and Farabi Universities of Iran intermittently between the years of 1970 and 1979. Sonia Balassanian has exhibited in many of New York City’s most esteemed venues; having individual as well as group shows at the Museum of Modern Art, the Sculpture Center, Exit Art, Franklyn Furnace, etc. She has also exhibited her work in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and South Carolina. Her work has been displayed internationally in Iran, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, as well as in Armenia. In 1975 her poetry was published for the first time in the 18th edition of “Nor Ej” (New Page) an Armenian literary periodical in Iran.