immersive experiences

​   ​Oct  6 - 14th 2018

An annual interdisciplinary Art/Music/Science Festival that combines different disciplines, providing a platform for new work and creations. The unique concept lies in the collaboration format, with the Festival bringing together non-traditional creatives for curated performances, masterclasses, discussions, and seminars.

Line Up

  1. Company BValiente - OCT 5, 6
    Company BValiente - OCT 5, 6
    “Violinist”, The first solo is with a musician, a violinist, who moves. This is a new started concert choreography with a violinist. We have started a solo work, a research for how to melt the art disciplines, music and choreography, within one person. We have just started the rehearsal and will work it out this Spring/Summer-18. To your festival, and if it is possible, we would like to have some rehearsal days (2-3 days) and then show the final work. We also might use a composer from France, but we are still very open about that. Violinist/performer: Sara Øvinge - Swedish. Choreographer: Gunhild Bjørnsgaard – Norwegian Composer: Christophe Rueich – French
  2. Wajira Boonluea - Animation - OCT 6
    Wajira Boonluea - Animation - OCT 6
    Collaboration with Alex McGery (UK)