immersive experiences

​   ​Oct  6 - 14th 2018

Co-founders & Artistic Directors
Van Sarkissian
Assel Abilseitova
Ben Lunn
One of the founding memebers of Progressive Art, Van Sarkissian has a deep connection to the world of music and fine art. A dedicated and talented guitarist and composer, Van has championed many new works as well as writing profound compositions for a variety of musicians. 
Assel Abilseitova, is a highly gifted pianist and has for a long time been dedicated to supporting the worlds of art and music. As pianist she has performed all over the world. As philantropist she is currently spearheading Progressive Art's projects and championing many fine artists and musicians. 
Ben Lunn has been a vocal supporter and champion for composers across the world. A committee member for Composers of Wales and a keen supporter and contributor for Lietuvos Muzikos Informacijos Centras; Ben Lunn has also conducted world premieres for many composers. 
Project Managment & Event Coordinators
Marine Hovsepyan
Anna Danielyan
Haveing long experience in project managment grant wtiting Marine is one of the earlies mambers of the team. Being Co-founder/Furniture Designer at D'TAIL design lab and a graduate from Moore Collage in Philadelphia she is also the stage manager and schenogropist for the Hass Fest  and also
One of the earliest members of Pro-art team.  During this past few years she has worked in several organizations and companies as a marketing manager. Her connection with one of the best known artists and musicians in Yerevan has made her to get involved in our team , but also has helped to widden the members of the agency.
Gratuated at the Yerevan State Conservatory - Classical Guitar Department
Anjela Hovakimyan
 Media / Design
Alik Sargsyan
Hamo Mkrtchyan
David Sarkissian
Alik is considered to be one of the most talanted young cinematographers in Yerevan. He is regularly a guest cinematogrhopher in many movies and advertisment componies and music videos. Altough his busy life, his involvment to our company is  big, and it allows us to represent our ideas and projects trough his great master skills in to media. 
Hamo is the member of the Pro Art team, currently doing his PHD in Organisational Psychology at the University of Bucharest . The combination of an experienced web designer and a talented music producer in his face, makes a bridge between artistic scene and media. 
Young Directior David's  career in film industry as a reknown director gives us the posibility to have all our  media and video recordings done in a professional way.  His film “To Die Is To Live” considered to be a non-finished project which is completely opposite to the idea of narrative. The romantizm in 20th century was able to get the second life by completely including feature film as well as serials nowadays. Art creation for David Sarkissian is reveals of transcendental strengths.